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Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistants and thriving CX

Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistants and thriving CX Your customers now interact with your brand through a whole variety of channels, including email, web, chat, voice, text, and social media. They demand flawless service, and they expect it right away.

Industry leaders know how essential it is to deliver that magic combination of both highly personalized automated services and skilled human agents. Brands like yours strive to achieve an Omnichannel Customer Experience across all consumer touch points, with each interaction becoming part of a seamless customer journey. Is your brand up to speed?

Perhaps you are assessing your existing CX strategy? Or you may be getting ready to develop an Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)? This process can likely be very challenging so it’s important to be aware that not all virtual assistants are created equal.

The market, now some 20 years old, has been living with what you could call a first-generation technology ‘elephant in the room’: solutions woven from a mix of components, at best underperforming – and sometimes barely even fit for purpose!

In the early days, interactions were based on simple rules: if the customer said X, the VA replied Y. And that was about all.

With Natural Language Processing-Natural Language Understanding platforms came superlative promises of delighted customers and more. Building a voice assistant involved supervised machine learning, conversation data labelling, and training models to converse with customers. In fact, it involved a great deal of trained data. Vendors overpromised and overpriced their so-called solutions, selling raised bars that were progressively lowered in a miserable limbo dance of plummeting KPIs.

The good news is that it no longer needs to be this way. Spitch’s next-generation Conversational AI development platform enables you to build omnichannel IVAs capable of taking your CX to new levels of excellence. Why not come join the conversation and discover how our Develop Once - Deploy Omni philosophy is the key to your Omnichannel CX success.

We have saved you a spot in the conversation about market leaders who have benefitted from using a Conversational AI Development Platform to implement an Omnichannel Virtual Assistant. Join us for a live webinar hosted by CCW on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 2PM Eastern Daylight Time (20:00 CET).