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Agent Assistant Suite

Agent Assistant Suite provides a complete AI-powered set of the most important desktop applications and tools that contact center agents need in one unified workspace. The Suite significantly enhances the Employee Experience (EX) and positively impacts the Customer Experience (CX) by simplifying the process for agents to meet customer needs. It also helps transform the CX approach from agent-centric to AI-centric.

Knowledge Base:

Knowledge inputs for well-informed and proactive customer service

Chat Platform:

Agent interface for easy and impactful text chat interactions

Voice Biometrics:

Widget to keep customers’ ID constantly verified

Speech Analytics:

Support tool analyzing interactions and providing real-time prompts

Agent Assistant Suite’s centerpiece is a unified agent desktop – a workspace that contains all the tools the agents need:
  • Need to decrease costs while enhancing productivity and experience by providing an intelligent UI to cut the time wasted by agents switching between applications?
  • Want to boost sales by providing agents with insights into customers' interests?
  • Are you ready to anticipate customer desires to increase customer satisfaction level?
  • Wondering how to improve security by continuous customer verification during the conversation?
Cost Savings
Raise CSAT level
Sales Increase
Improve Security

Key advantages of Agent Assistant Suite

  • All-in-One — unified workspace for agents
  • AI-powered — based on seamlessly integrated products and tools from Spitch and third parties
  • Omnichannel — voice and text all in one
  • End-to-end solution — seamless integration with all the products in Spitch’s portfolio
  • Business-focused approach — suitable tools to maximize business impact

Added value of AA:

Unified agent desktop is a smart UI interface placing all the tools on one screen to ensure smooth and seamless work
Empowering agents with an easy-to-use and feel-good workspace to deliver the best CX
AI-powered optimization of existing resources leads to improved business performance
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