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Why Spitch?

Our differentiators are fast solutions delivery, out-of-the-box products, and advanced toolsets, which allow quick tuning and further development either by Spitch or customers/partners themselves

Why Spitch? Develop once — deploy omni

Customers can start a project with one channel (e.g. text bot) and simply activate new channels later on, since the solution’s core functionality is already complete and integrated with the relevant backend systems

Why Spitch? Low code no code

Deployment is simple, as it requires little or no coding expertise and minimal involvement, if any, of the customer’s IT staff. This is due to the high-level, intuitive design and rich features of the pre-built interconnectors and adapters that Spitch provides

Why Spitch? Conversational data drive sales

Little or no customer data is required to ensure quick wins and rapid language model training thanks to the latest technology and out-of-the-box products that Spitch provides, combined with its toolkit for tuning and customization

Why Spitch? Customization and personalization

Localness and customization are essential for successful AI projects and this is assured by Spitch’s highly qualified, multinational staff along with its specialist tools

Why Spitch? One-stop shop

Spitch is a one-stop shop vendor with its full stack of technologies and know-how, designed to provide customers with their every need in conversational AI, delivered in a seamlessly integrated way

Why Spitch? Data security and protection

To ensure data security, Spitch uses on-premise installation, secure cloud delivery and additional methods to ensure adherence to legal requirements, in accordance with recognized standards, internal policies and protocols

Why Spitch? We’re a vendor and expert advisor

1. Our team members have individual experience within major industry brands such as Nuance, SVOX, Motorola, Cisco and Yandex.

2. Spitch along with its partners brings a wealth of experience to any new customer, often with references not only from that customer’s industry and region but from wider geographies; this broad span of not only technical but commercial expertise has ensured many successful implementations in such sectors as banking, insurance, telco, government and can be viewed here). This helps ensure that our customers benefit from both state-of-the-art solutions and international industry best practice

Why Spitch? Do it now

To ensure your business still thrives tomorrow, start automating your call-related services today

Why Spitch? All-in-one Agent Assistant Suite

Conversational AI Suite with all the key tools and widgets on one screen to meet contact center agents’ needs (including smart prompts powered by real-time Speech Analitics, Voice Biometrics with a control panel for continuous verification, Knowledge Base and Chat Platform)

Recognition by market leaders:

  • Falk Kohlmann Head of digital banking

    «Voice-driven functions offer an easy access to banking services and could become an interesting interface for our customers. This was the main reason for us to start gaining more experience with the advanced voice technologies.»

  • Michael Marek COO

    «Technology enables new ways of customer experience. Technology used in the right context — it’s a game changer.»

  • Dominic Spalinger Corporate Venture Capital Manager

    «The Spitch solution is an excellent example of interactions automation with voice technologies that allows keeping up the highest standards of customer service. Making things easier for customers is the key to success.»

  • Beate Hofferbert-Junge Member of the Management Operations & IT

    “Spitch’s simple and highly efficient system provides value by helping us to reduce waiting time, offers efficient call routing and above all improves customer experience.”

  • Matteo Lo Bue Digital Process Transformation Analyst

    “The solution allows senior staff to fully concentrate on customer service, while providing junior agents with the right information immediately upon request, increasing the overall efficiency.”

  • Antonio Zullino Head of Customer Centre Consumer Credit

    «Spitch’s voice biometrics system was integrated into the bank’s customer centre infrastructure seamlessly. Identity verification by voice biometrics meets all the regulatory and legal standards, including active opt-in, accepted by the majority of our customers. This solution really helps improve customer experience while reducing call handling time.»

  • Frank Meyer Chief Digital Officer

    «The Spitch solution is an exciting project for the Etihad Innovation Lab. We wanted to source technology which will make it easier and quicker for our guests to reach us and resolve their issue. Spitch will save our customers’ time and enable them to enjoy a smoother experience when we receive spikes in the volume of calls.»

  • Sandro Fanti Head of Departmental Services and Personnel

    “Through the automatic processing of customer inquiries, the voicebot considerably relieves the employees who can concentrate on more complex customer concerns.”