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Frequently Asked Questions on the Impact of the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act on Using Conversational AI for Business Purposes

The introduction of the EU AI Act provides the first comprehensive legal framework for AI governance. This will inevitably impact both providers and deployers of certain forms of GenAI and face recognition biometrics that can potentially present risks if used in an unregulated and uncontrolled manner.

We believe that the new EU regulations will have positive impacts on use cases across various industries with limited impact on providers of business domain-specific Conversational AI. Nevertheless, some new requirements will need to be observed by all providers and deployers of AI systems.

For more detailed insights, please download our latest White Paper:

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Our EU AI Act White Paper provides comprehensive insights into the implications of the EU AI Act, addressing common questions and concerns, covering the following relevant aspects:

  • Prohibited AI Systems: Insights into prohibited AI systems, with a detailed focus on conversational AI systems for customer service.
  • High-Risk AI Categories: Exploration of the classification criteria for AI systems as "high-risk" and their implications for businesses, particularly in relation to conversational AI solutions.
  • Compliance Timeline: Outline of the compliance timeline guiding businesses in meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Risks and Prohibitions for Conversational AI Solutions: Assessment of potential risks and feasibility concerns associated with deploying conversational AI solutions.
  • New Obligations for AI System Deployers: Identification of the new obligations imposed on AI system deployers.
  • Legal Considerations of Workplace Data Extraction: Examination of the legal implications of workplace data extraction for quality management purposes.

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