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We work with both integration partners and companies to create the perfect solution for each organisation, and tailor it to their specific requirements

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Individual Attention & Specific Adjustments

Spitch is focused on meeting partners' and customers' needs by offering easily customizable out-of-the-box products. We are continuously enhancing our solutions with regular updates and new functionalities.

Flexible Pricing

Spitch offers extremely competitive and flexible licensing schemes for standard and premium licenses, from permanent licenses to SaaS rates, pay-per-use and revenue sharing models for qualifying projects.

Breathing New Life in your Legacy Solutions

Partnership with Spitch will help refresh and transform some of the most traditional contact centres, increasing sales and upholding reputation by means of integrating cutting-edge Spitch omnichannel conversational platform components.

Partner Capacity Building and 24/7 Support

Spitch partners can use a wealth of online resources including products presentations and tech documentation available through a dedicated section of the website. Partners can also benefit from A to Z support, training and certification, as well as remote coaching.

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  • Swisscom Jakob Hauser Head of Customer Interaction Management Solutions, Digital Enterprise Solutions

    “Spitch is among our most innovative partners helping to develop customer care voice analytics powered by speech technologies and artificial intelligence. This is the right Swiss formula for an efficient omnichannel engagement centre, where customers choose whatever channel suits them best from video and voice to mail and messengers”

  • BSS Georgy Kravchenko General Director

    «Implementation of voice-driven automated services in BPS-Sberbank is a milestone for the entire banking industry. Speech technologies is a key growth driver for business in the next two-three years. BSS selected Spitch as the voice tech platform provider as it will deliver serious competitive advantages to the banks implementing it in combination with omnichannel capabilities»

  • Zurich University Dr. Tanja Samardžić Group leader at the Language and Space Lab

    «Only a few years ago, just a handful of people believed in the possibility and usefulness of developing AI applications in the Swiss German dialects. Spitch AG in collaboration with the Language and Space Lab at the University of Zurich was able to offer an initial solution in speech processing dealing with multiple dialects in Switzerland. Our work serves now as the basis for the growing research in this direction»

  • Sistem Evo Stefano Mancuso General Manager

    «The cooperation with Spitch has helped us enhance our offer by adding voice to our software. This allows us to deliver a better service in fields where voice is the preferred channel of communication. Also, thanks to Spitch, now we can provide sentiment analysis and biometrics, resulting in an improvement of customer experience. We believe the collaboration between Spitch and Sistem Evo will reduce costs and strengthen the services we deliver. We are happy to team up with Spitch to achieve together our purpose»

  • ti&m Daniel Walther Head Sales & Account Management

    «ti&m together with Spitch managed to establish excellent synergies in developing voice banking app for one of the major Swiss banks. Our partnership seems to have what it takes to deliver smooth and fulfilling customer journeys, and we understand each other just like our servers do – instantly»

  • Dotvocal Dr. Enrico Reboscio CEO of ‘Dotvocal’

    «We are delighted to partner with Spitch, an innovative company that brings speech technologies to a new dimension. Our long standing and comprehensive expertise in developing high-end customer-tailored solutions, jointly with state-of-the-art speech technologies will allow us to keep on addressing customer needs that are becoming day after day more demanding. Also, thanks to front-runner solutions for sentiment analysis, emotion detection and voice biometrics we can help our clients to better understand and serve their customers. In addition to greatly complementing our solutions, Spitch gives us the accuracy and flexibility that our customers require from us»

  • Nexteria Andrea Bonavita Head of Innovation

    «Customers are our “happy obsession”, and we put our BPO experience at the service of their process improvement. The co-operation with Spitch has been constructive and natural, just like voice interaction is. Our common goal is to jointly identify market sectors and customers, which would greatly benefit from our innovative expertises»