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Improve customer experience

Your customers expect quick and easy resolution of their issues in voice and text channels including preferred messengers. Using Virtual Assistants in combination with Speech Analytics helps ensure precise intent recognition and resolution and continuously enhance CX in the combined (robot + human) customer service delivery

See how Spitch products help resolve customer queries during the time that it usually takes just to get through to the right contact centre agent:

  • Virtual Assistants take calls after the first ring tone, resolve standard queries automatically or steer the call to the right human agent with a conversation summary;
  • Speech Analytics identifies gaps in the robot + human combination, monitors adherence to scripts by agents, generates in-call prompts to humans and extracts both meaning and sentiment to continuously improve the combined robot + human service;
  • Voice Biometrics helps avoid cumbersome security questions, verify callers’ identities in seconds and keep customers authenticated throughout the call to enhance data privacy and reduce AHT.
Are you ready to start improving customer experience?