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9th Annual European Private Banking Forum

12 November 2015

9th Annual European Private Banking Forum

On Novemeber 05-06 our CEO Alexey Popov, took part in the 9th Annual European Private Banking Forum held in Zurich, Switzerland.

He discussed the many potential applications of Spitch technologies, and their growing importance for the private banking industry.

In the case of Private Banking, voice technologies will help improve communication with customers, making them more secure and more efficient. With the help of our Speech Verification solution, Spitch VeriFi, personal advisers will have realtime access to biometric proof of their client's identity, throughout the course of a conversation. This will help to improve transaction security, client and adviser confidence, as well as reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on traditional Q&A based verification methods. Our speech analytics solutions will help advisers to quickly and easily find important topics and information in past conversations, which will in turn improve interaction efficiency for both clients and advisers alike.

Natural language interaction analytics and speaker verification have the potential to help improve any front-end application from private meetings, to general call centers to mobile banking. Spitch is certain that these technologies will transform the user experience in these domains and many others, by creating a better, more secure, and ultimately more personalized experience benefitting both our customers and their clients.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue we started with the banks and other partners we met at the forum.

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