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Spitch provides Swiss with the first opportunity to interact with machines by voice in their native languages

26 November 2015

Spitch provides Swiss with the first opportunity to interact with machines by voice in their native languages

Finally Swiss citizens may communicate with Smart Devices, Call Centres and other automated services in their mother tongue. Spitch AG, a Swiss based company, is proud to announce today the worlds first solution for Speech Analytics, which processes Swiss German dialects.

Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch Today Spitch AG launches its Speech Analytics that can handle Swiss German. By using our technology, Swiss citizens have the opportunity to use their native language in well-known speech services like location maps, directories or search engines. In addition, advanced speech technologies will help organisations to better connect with customers by enhancing and streamlining the call centre customer service experience.

Languages such as English or Hochdeutsch (High German) are somehow already covered. Difficult-to-cover domains, like Swiss German with its many local dialects, are real challenges for solution providers where we found the perfect answer. Our solutions are based on machine learning technologies that recognize, analyse and understand customer conversations in real-time.

Spitch’s Speech Analytics addresses Contact Centres, Telecom, Retail and Private Banking, Insurance Companies, E-Government, Travel and Transport Services, Medical Services and Media Monitoring. During customer conversations, spoken key words can be quickly detected, whilst the semantic speech recognition technology will recognise what the customers did mean. The technology can also underpin fully automated services to create a reliable, swift and safe process for customers.

Spitch CEO Alexey Popov says: “Zurich is offering a perfect environment for Speech and Text Analytics development. The permanent exchange with computer scientists working in this area at Eidg. Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ) and University of Zurich (UZH) helps us to improve our solution at its best. As a result we are very proud that today we may unveil our solution that can cope with Swiss German.”

David Fuss, Business Development Manager DACH of Spitch Professor Volker Dellwo, Phonetic Laboratory of University of Zürich Live demo of Spitch technologies