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Survey results indicate that 54.5% of bank representatives, including those in Switzerland, are actively investigating speech analytics solutions for their businesses

26 May 2016

Survey results indicate that 54.5% of bank representatives, including those in Switzerland, are actively investigating speech analytics solutions for their businesses

Spitch AG, together with the British Banking Association (BBA), conducted a webinar titled: «Customer Experience Management and Speech Analytics — Vision 2020» which discussed the benefits that Spoken Language Technologies (SLT) can bring to the banking sector.

Speech technologies are having a growing impact on all aspects of banking business worldwide. The webinar brought together domain experts from the UK and Switzerland, and an international audience of bankers to exchange their experiences related to the use of SLT. Interest in the topic brought more than 50 experts to participate in the webinar.

The experts talked about their experiences in the areas of customer experience management and speech analytics, described their market development forecasts for 2020, and provided analysis of technology development trends for omnichannel client interactions. They provided practical business case examples where Spitch AG SLT solutions are used to reliably improve the quality of customer service and client loyalty, in the context of banking.

Spitch AG representatives focused on the fact that the company offers state-of-the-art SLT solutions for intelligent service management.

During the event, the organizers conducted a survey aimed at determining the banking community’s opinion of, and future plans with respect to the use of speech technologies. In reply to the question: «Do you plan to use any innovative technologies in order to improve your customer experience management (CEM) in 2016-2017?», 54.5% of the participants responded: «We are now reviewing different options/offers to implement speech analytics.» Another 27.3% of the participants replied: «We are already implementing a range of innovative speech analytics solutions.»

In reply to the question: «What is the most promising area for deploying speech analytics and voice biometrics solutions for banks in your opinion?» an equal number of bankers — 40% — think that these areas will provide improvements to security and fraud preventoin, as well as providing better quality of service.

The organizers also asked in the survey: «In which business area do you are you currently considering using speech analytics?» The audience answered: 50-50 — retail, and private banking.

The webinar demonstrated the banking community’s active interest in Spoken Language Technologies, including speech recognition, speech analytics and voice biometrics. In turn, Spitch AG speakers showed what should be expected in the near future, and how the company is rapidly working towards realizing this future today.

Spitch AG is also the only company that provides SLT solutions in native Swiss German, making it easy to guarantee high quality customer service for Swiss natives. This generated considerable excitement for Swiss banks interested in SLT-driven intelligent services.

In response to the positive feedback received from event participants, Spitch AG is organizing a larger event: Vision-2020 which will focus on further developing the discussions started at the recent workshop. The Vision-2020 event will be held on September 22nd at the Dolder Grand, in Zurich, Switzerland. If you are interested in participating, or would just like to find out more about the event, please contact us at, and check back soon for updated information about the event.