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Spitch AG is Sponsoring Partner for the Golden Headset Award 2016

30 June 2016

Spitch AG is Sponsoring Partner for the Golden Headset Award 2016

The best contact centres in Switzerland will be awarded with the Golden Headset Award 2016 on the 3rd of November. Spitch AG will be a sponsoring partner for this prestigious event for the first time. The decision to support the awards this year is based on our commitment to the high standards of customer service that the awards celebrate, and the strong conviction that Spoken Language Technologies will play an increasingly essential role in achieving this in coming years.

Spitch AG, an international developer and professional services provider in speech-driven data analytics, is the only company focusing on Swiss languages — including Swiss German.

Our sponsorship for the Golden Headset Award 2016 provides a perfect opportunity to support innovative entrepreneurs who are focused on making businesses more successful through better understanding of employee and customer satisfaction, and an improved call centre experience.

Spoken Language Technology (SLT) and Speech Analytics are starting to have a significant impact on businesses all over the world. Spitch AG is the first voice technology company to focus on the unique linguistic diversity of Switzerland, providing local and international businesses with new opportunities to interact with and understand their Swiss customers in the languages they are most comfortable speaking.

«Our main focuses in Spoken Language Technology are on speech-to-text, keyword extraction and semantic understanding as well as voice verification. All Spitch solutions are industry standard compliant and designed to integrate smoothly with third party software. We understand the complexity of the Swiss market with its unique variety of languages and dialects. It is our main goal to help people communicate in the way they feel most comfortable.» Mr. Alexey Popov, CEO, Spitch AG, says, «We do not offer a standardized one-size-fits-all approach, but we rather focus on providing each customer with the tailored solution that fulfills their particular needs and demands.»

To find out more about the innovative Spoken Language Technologies developed at Spitch AG, as well as popular use cases, visit us at:, or contact us directly at: