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Coach powered by Qualtrak and Spitch AG

29 August 2016

Coach powered by Qualtrak and Spitch AG

QualtrackSpitch AG and Qualtrak Solutions Ltd have entered into a strategic partnership that will involve using Spitch’s high quality speech analytics solution together with Qualtrak’s online coaching solution called «Coach». The integrated suite will create a unique solution that will enable supervisors to produce personalized online agent-coaching that is delivered to their agents to undertake during convenient times.

This highly innovative solution uses speech analytics to help create an efficient, cost saving, user friendly coaching experience that can increase the quality of a contact centre and improve agent’s skills set and capabilities in 5 simple steps:

  1. The supervisor identifies which skills and knowledge the agent requires coaching in at this stage in the work flow and career development.
  2. The coaching solution selects the right calls and provides them to the supervisor for his/her use/review within the coaching plan.
  3. The supervisor opens the online coaching form which includes the call recordings and results of the automated selection.
  4. The supervisor uses this information to easily and efficiently produce a coaching session which includes comments/observations, probing/search questions. These are subsequently linked to the call segments for the agent to answer together with an attached learning content.
  5. The agent gets informedby the WFM (Work Force Management) and undertakes the tailored coaching sessions.

The benefits to the client include:

  • Regular online agent coaching which targets the agent’s personal improvement needs.
  • A 360-degree view of the agent`s performance to deliver focused coaching as opposed to feedback related to only a few handpicked calls.
  • Efficient, cost saving method to continuously reduce performance variability and increase the quality of the contact centre and NPS (Net Promoter Score).
  • Consistent coaching on common needs such as minimizing AHT, meeting compliant requirements, maximizing sales conversion, building customer loyalty, maximizing FCR and much more.

The first release of the Spitch/Qualtrak solution is going to be a true cloud based software. As part of the launch, we are offering the first few companies the opportunity to try the solution for an initial period (e. g. 3 months), with minimal disruption, implementation lead time and at a low charge. This trial will include full support on setting-up and managing the trial period to ensure the client gets the maximum value. For more information on the combined solution watch the short video

In case of interest please send your request to in a free form to discuss the trial proposition further or contact us via phone/contact form on our website.