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CEO of Spitch AG, Alexey Popov, gave an interview to CMM magazine

1 September 2016

CEO of Spitch AG, Alexey Popov, gave an interview to CMM magazine

CEO Spitch AG Alexey Popov talked to CMM magazine about speech recognition for call centers in Switzerland. Switzerland is a very difficult case when it comes to the application of voice technology, since local dialects are very diverse and multiple national languages, such as French, Italian and German, are used. The lingual diversity has been limiting opportunities for the implementation of speech analytics solutions for a long time. However, Spitch AG made a breakthrough by providing speech recognition for Swiss German dialects. As a result, an entire range of  Spitch’s products (Spitch SignyFi, Spitch VeryFi and Spitch CodyFi) and more than a dozen different use cases are currently available for the Swiss market.

In the interview, Alexey Popov highlighted that the solutions by Spitch are now the right decision at the right time, making it possible to improve the quality of the customer service. Consequently, both contact centers (as they will achieve lower costs) and clients (as the service speed and quality will improve, thereby enhancing the clients’ satisfaction level) will win.

In summary, Alexey Popov invited all engaged specialists to the seminar Best Practices Event in the Dolder Grand Hotel (Zurich) on September 22, 2016. Participants can get an overview of practical use cases of speech recognition and can test the solution themselves — of course in their respective dialect. Program, Info and registration.

Read the interview (in German)