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Speech recognition becomes a must have — Spitch AG held a seminar on “Speech Technology Trends — Best Practices and Vision 2020"

26 September 2016

Speech recognition becomes a must have — Spitch AG held a seminar on “Speech Technology Trends — Best Practices and Vision 2020"

Spitch AG, an international solutions and professional services provider that develops enterprise class speech analytics solutions for business, held a seminar on best practices and prospects for speech technology development through 2020 at the Dolder Grand Hotel (Zurich, Switzerland) on September 22, 2016. More than 80 experts from banks and telecom companies, mostly from Switzerland, participated in the event. Participants learned why speech analytics, voice user interfaces, and voice biometrics already set the tone in interactions with clients.

Digital speech technologies are part of life worldwide, especially for millennials, who are today and most importantly tomorrow's customers. Switzerland is a complex and diverse country, particularly from the perspective of languages. Spitch is uniquely positioned to support all major Swiss languages and regional dialects, and can provide this support in all of our flagship products including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics. It is imperative to respond to market needs with service options meeting customer expectations. “Millenials want to use speech technologies. Simple and seamless service, Omnichannel-Service, and quality client service experience is a part of their expectations. Voice support interfaces are an important component of a seamless client experience. Speech recognition becomes a must have,” Alexey Popov, CEO Spitch AG, is sure.

Speech recognition and semantic interpretation technologies are starting to play a significant role in online communication channels. In the omni-channel model they deliver big data learning capabilities and means for identity verification. Speech information retrieval approaches fuse speech technologies and search facilities into one product. The success of a speech analytics project is measured by the ability to reach the highest accuracy across a variety of metrics. “Spitch achieves this by combining unique mathematics, bespoke technology adaptation, and Swiss-made precision work-flow, ” Alexey Popov highlighted.

Also a great number of interesting and meaningful presentations were made in the course of the event by the experts from Spitch AG and Spitch's partners: Zurich University, 4executives AG, Brain Connection, ti&m AG, Crealogix AG. The demonstration of solutions by Spitch, when the participants had an opportunity to test various applications and learn how to create a positive customer experience for their company, took place during the final part of the seminar. The majority of guests appreciated the organization and content part of the seminar, rating it as excellent and noted that they plan to implement voice technologies in the next 12 months.

In conclusion, we note that Spitch supports Swiss languages: German, Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch), French and Italian. Spitch is the first provider of solutions for Swiss German and its many dialects. The company supports a growing list of additional languages including English (US & UK) and Russian, which is continuously expanding in response to client demand.

Find out more details about the seminar “Speech Technology Trends — Best Practices and Vision 2020” in the press release (in German) and speaker's presentations and photo gallery.

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