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Sascha Andreas Nafz joins the Spitch AG team as Director Professional Services

12 October 2016

Sascha Andreas Nafz joins the Spitch AG team as Director Professional Services

Sascha Andreas Nafz Spitch AG is glad to announce that our management team has a new experienced member — Sascha Andreas Nafz, Director Professional Services. Sascha started his professional career in Telecommunications in the days when keypads on phones had just about become mainstream with a practical and Professional school exam as a Communications Engineer specialised in Telecommunications at the Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) in Cologne. From there he started out as a technical engineer and moved across multiple countries and in different roles into product and project management, developing a 20+ year experience track record in the telecoms and IT industry.

He worked for major national and international IT and Telecoms companies in different countries and roles:

1997 ― 2000 Robert Bosch Limited (UK):  Product Introduction and Technical Partner Support Manager for hybrid trading telecoms solution to the local market.
2000 ― 2005 Tenovis Germany & Switzerland: Product support and project manager for Fortune 500 Unified Communications and Contact Centre customer projects.
2005 ― 2016 Avaya Inc.: Project management office and professional services quote desk manager responsible for its set up and leading the DACH team. Leading efficiency and improvement projects where we reduced the sales cycle by a total of 5 days. Manage global key account professional services bids and provide consultancy.

Sascha lives in the countryside in the middle between Zug, Zurich and Lucerne where he enjoys spending time with his wife Katja and their three kids out in nature hiking and cycling in the beautiful Swiss alps. His other passion is anything related to leg-powered bicycles be it restoration of vintage rigs, tuning newer ones or simply riding road and mountain bikes up and downhill.

"I am looking forward to my new role directing the professional services project delivery practice, building up a professional services organisation team. I am thrilled to help establish a best in class delivery, and processes for the great and innovative technology solutions that this vibrant and motivated team is developing. Moreover, I aim to leverage the best practices and experiences across our current and future branches in Switzerland, Italy, London and potentially the US.

When people asked me why I joined this adventure it did not take much answering that question. What can be more thrilling than being part of a team that is building the technology of the future today!

Given that we live in a time of extremely fast and drastic change of technology at hand, and our (work) culture resulting in hypersonic changes in how humans interact among and with machines I truly believe Spitch is one of the companies doing that right. So I am in the right place.

Why is that? Machines get better at conducting repetitive tasks by letting them interact with us in what we perceive as a natural interaction in that way, where it makes our already complicated lives easier. It allows us to focus on future jobs in light of the transformational evolution that we are facing.

That, in my opinion, sums up the value add that we can provide to all kinds of businesses prepared to evolve with this digital transformation through our technology. A key facilitator fostering cost and resource efficiency, customer satisfaction, ease of access and ultimately unlocking time for more new ventures, be it in our private or work related activities," – comments Sascha his join to Spitch.

Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch AG, welcomes the new management team member and notes that Sascha’s expertise “will help getting it right as far as engagement with partners and clients by adding professional services delivery skills to the talent pool of the Spitch AG team”.