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Spitch AG became a Sponsor of Golden Headset Award 2016

4 November 2016

Spitch AG became a Sponsor of Golden Headset Award 2016

Spitch AG became a Sponsor of Golden Headset Award 2016Spitch AG became a Sponsor of the Golden Headset Award 2016, which is annually awarded in Switzerland for achievements in the development of innovations and technologies for contact centres and implementation of modern contact centre projects. On November 3rd, an evening gala event was held, where the winners from the nominees’ shortlist were announced. At the event, Spitch AG was presented by CEO Alexey Popov, DACH Country Manager Juerg Schleier, and Business Development Manager Stephan Fehlmann. They met contact centre representatives interested in the implementation of voice technologies and other developments provided by Spitch AG. Spitch AG is a Swiss company. Spitch HQ and R&D team are based in the Zurich office, which is responsible for strategy development and management of international operations. The Swiss tradition for precision technologies is inspiring us to build the world class speech analytics products of the future.

Spitch is a provider of solutions based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics. Our technologies are focused on facilitating knowledge work automation — one of the most promising IT trends of the next decade.

For Contact Centres, Spitch AG is ready to propose a wide range of solutions including:

  • NPS measurement and customer satisfaction analysis;
  • Voice-Driven Call Steering via IVR;
  • Real-Time Analytics and Agent Coaching Support; Post Call Surveys;
  • Contact Centre Quality Assurance;
  • Automated Information Capturing for Analytics.

In case of interest please send your request to, or contact us via phone/contact form on our website.