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How customers can benefit from AI-enabled NLP and machine learning

25 September 2017

How customers can benefit from AI-enabled NLP and machine learning

How customers can benefit from AI-enabled NLP and machine learningSpitch, the first provider of enterprise-class Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for the Swiss languages, including Swiss German and its many dialects, is pleased to announce its participation in the Artificial Intelligence Summit on October 3rd in Zurich, organized by Internet-Briefing.

We all want computers that understand us (human beings), making the right calculations, conclusions and then presenting the results or taking corresponding actions. The IT industry has made enormous progress in this area in recent years. Self-driving cars that correctly recognize and interpret the road situation and traffic conditions, or Amazon Echo are good examples.

What value do these new technologies bring to the business client and the customer? Basically, none at all! Modern technology can "be" an "enabler", but will it be able to go any further in business terms? And there is still the old rule "Garbage in = Garbage out". The key question is still: can the new technology or solution help me to do something better, faster or cheaper, or not?  

Spitch delivers biometric voice and speech solutions that recognize, among others, “Schwizzerdütsch” (Swiss German) with an accuracy above 95%. Spitch are active in the field of NLP and use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and “neural networks” to power their solutions. A good example of practical speech recognition is delivered by Spitch in the new SBB Mobile Preview app. Spitch delivered the capability for SBB to recognize 10,000 station names in "Schwizzerdütsch" with an unmatched accuracy greater than 90%.

Juerg Schleier, Country Manager DACH, Spitch AG provides further insight and practical applications in his speech "AI, machine learning, NLP ― where does the customer benefit?" (14:00-14:30). Find out more at the Artificial Intelligence Summit on the event page. See you there!