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Spitch and UK Finance will deliver the webinar: "Using Voice Technology to achieve MIFID II Compliance"

16 November 2017

Spitch and UK Finance will deliver the webinar: "Using Voice Technology to achieve MIFID II Compliance"

Spitch and UK Finance will deliver the webinar: Using Voice Technology to achieve MIFID II ComplianceOn 5 December 2017 at 11:00am GMT Spitch in partnership with UK Finance will present the webinar “Using Voice Technology to achieve MIFID II Compliance”. Following expressions of interest, we are pleased to invite you to attend the webinar which will support regulated firms in meeting the recording and trade surveillance requirements of MIFID II.

Based on extensive experience of services provision to a broad range of European regulated firms the webinar will focus on the practical aspects of implementing the new requirements. Additionally, we will be looking at the level of preparedness in the market to meet the challenges and obligations of MIFID II. Throughout the webinar industry experts will discuss and demonstrate:

— The most innovative voice technologies used to manage security and regulatory requirements.

— The business cases and functionality, business value, benefits and best practices as well as the future outlook for fully automated compliance services:

  • Case 1. ASR/Speech-to-text: Transferring all conversations into machine-readable text.

  • Case 2. MiFID II proactive compliance toolkit BI: Detailed analysis & reporting enabling the reconstruction of trade communications to further identify trends and emerging risks.

  • Case 3. Intelligent Assistants and Dashboards BI: Fully customizable AI toolset with multi-language support.

  • Case 4. Labour intensive monitoring processes: Many solutions are based on a random sample check which is insufficient for MiFID II. We will show how Spitch transfers all audio in to easily manageable, structured data for detailed analysis.

  • Case 5. Daily or weekly reporting with metrics BI: Vastly improve investigation effectiveness and assist with real time flexible, in-depth search functionality through a virtual playback portal. Find and retrieve calls from current / legacy systems, replay and export.

The webinar will be held in English and participation is free. To join, please register here.

About the organisers:

Spitch headquartered in Zurich with a global presence specialises in enterprise Speech Analytics and Spoken Language Technologies for Financial Services firms globally. Alongside high accuracy and rich functionality, Spitch offers a flexible client-centric model of engagement with a bespoke approach.

UK Finance is the leading trade association for the UK banking sector with 200-member banks headquartered in over 50 countries with operations in 180 jurisdictions worldwide. As the representative of the world’s largest international banking cluster UK Finance is the voice of UK banking.