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Spitch helps retail banks to increase customer satisfaction

8 June 2018

Spitch helps retail banks to increase customer satisfaction

S09062018.jpgSpeech and voice technologies are rapidly changing customer interactions with companies. Voice-driven automation of business processes is also revolutionising the customer experience in retail banking. These disruptive technologies were the main discussion topic of the webinar “Speaking with the Bank will increase customer satisfaction”, organized by the DACH Spitch team, which brought together professionals from Switzerland, Austria and Germany among others.

During the webinar Juerg Schleier and Georg Theunissen emphasized the reasons behind the adoption of speech and voice solutions in retail banking and highlighted the opportunities brought by the new technological developments. Some retail banking use cases, including Spitch’s ROI calculator, were presented. Three polls were conducted during the webinar.

The first question was: “How long are you willing to wait for a bank agent’s response if you just would like to know your account balance, when an automated speech system can give it to you right away?”. The majority of votes – 73% of the attendees - selected the option of talking with an automated system instead of waiting for the response from an agent, even if the waiting time was little.


Responses to the second question: “When are you planning to start offering
Voice-Enabled Solutions in your company?” showed that, 76% of the attendees are evaluating or planning to offer a voice service soon.


The third question with multiple choices was “In which area of speech technologies do you see the biggest potential in the future?”. More than half – 57% of the attendees – see a very high potential “in Voice-biometrics”.


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