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Spitch and Dotvocal: a new business partnership in Speech-Enabled Solutions

21 June 2018

Spitch and Dotvocal: a new business partnership in Speech-Enabled Solutions

Spitch_DotVocal.jpgSpitch and Dotvocal signed a Partnership agreement aimed to develop and market speech-enabled solutions. The two companies will jointly deliver a world-class innovative range of AI-based speech solutions, with the objective to support customers with achieving competitive business benefits, both in sales enhancement and internal processes optimization.

Dotvocal is an Italian company, leader in the design and integration of vocal and multimodal applications, with outstanding achievements in Italy and abroad; Spitch is a Swiss-born company with global presence and a well- established Italian branch, focused on core speech technologies, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics.

Reports Piergiorgio Vittori, Spitch Global Development Director and Country Manager Italy: "The current innovation ecosystem is experiencing a continuous qualitative growth, and companies are in constant need of reliable solutions and services, able to manage both internal processes and customer relationships. Our choice of a highly qualified partner such as Dotvocal will complement our offering and support our growth in the development of an effective 360° technological approach to customers".

Dotvocal and Spitch have unique and complementary competences within the Speech Solutions domain, which will permit to deliver a fully innovative B2B product range of solutions. Dotvocal with its extensive expertise, including but not limited to integration and UI of voice technologies solutions, will be enriched by Spitch’s own range of technologies and know-how, such as Speech Recognition, Semantic Analysis, Voice Biometrics, Transcription, and Sentiment Analysis / Emotion Detection.

“We are delighted to partner with Spitch, an innovative company that brings speech technologies to a new dimension” agrees Enrico Reboscio, CEO of Dotvocal “Our long standing and comprehensive expertise in developing high-end customer-tailored solutions, jointly with state-of-the-art speech technologies, will allow us to maintain high satisfaction among our customers, whose needs are becoming more demanding day after day. Also, thanks to front-runner solutions for sentiment analysis, emotion detection and voice biometrics, we can help our clients to better understand and serve their customers. In addition to greatly complementing our solutions, Spitch gives us the accuracy and flexibility that our customers require from us”.

The new Partnership supports market innovation leaders in their intent to set up a best practice, not only in technology, but also in a global consultancy activity in speech-enabled solutions. Automotive, Finance, Utilities and Telecoms, to mention some, will highly benefit from this partnership.