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Computer Reseller News (CRN) Germany recognises Spitch and explains its move into the German market

26 September 2018

Computer Reseller News (CRN) Germany recognises Spitch and explains its move into the German market

S26092018-2.jpgSpitch, a Swiss-based IT company specialising in speech/voice recognition solutions, is entering into the German and Austrian markets as its products gain more and more popularity and acceptance in the industry. Spitch is building a solid partner network in Germany to capitalise on the growing demand. This has been seen and recognised by the German tech media.

Despite the fact that speech recognition is already actively used by such global companies as Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, the technology is still under development, the author of the material emphasises. Spitch, based on many years of development and implementation expertise, offers effective solutions for different business sectors. The concept of Spitch is to allow companies to automatically identify, understand and serve customers.

Georg Theunissen, Director Sales & Consultancy DACH in Spitch told the media about key industry solutions and company’s business use cases. In the banking sector, Spitch solutions ensure the identification of the client in real time when he or she contacts the call center, thereby helping to prevent fraud and ensure positive customer experience. And, for example, the deployment of Spitch VeryFi solution ensures a properly authorised access of hospital personnel to medical records of patients. Spitch Lingware Suite provides customers and partners with a complete set of tools for quick and easy development and tuning of their own speech solutions. In addition, Spitch products, based on machine learning, can recognise every Swiss dialect with the highest level of accuracy that is not available from the major speech recognition solution providers.

Another case – Spitch’s SDK allows car makers to introduce biometric speech recognition into the concept of a car voice control system. The driver can activate and control different functions of his or her car using a mobile device and one’s voice: start the engine before entering the car, adjust the air conditioning, find the car in the parking lot, use the parking assistant function etc. According to Georg Theunissen, Spitch solutions will be in demand in Germany.

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