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Spitch global team meeting: leading in Switzerland and expanding in Europe

10 December 2018

Spitch global team meeting: leading in Switzerland and expanding in Europe

Spitch global team meeting.jpgAt the end of November Spitch held a regular team meeting at its Zurich headquarters.

During the annual convention, the Spitch management team reported on results, made suggestions for operations improvement, and shared an overview of achievements and lessons learned. The team also discussed ways to build strong partnership ecosystems, the overall strategy for 2019, and other topics relevant to the continued growth of the business.

It was noted that Spitch had achieved a fairly high brand awareness and outstanding results in Switzerland. Several major projects in various industries have been completed and a few other projects are currently at implementation stage. There is a growing interest in Spitch and emerging brand awareness in Germany, Italy and the UK.

Spitch has serious prospects in Europe and in 2019 the expansion will continue. There are ambitious plans and all the necessary prerequisites in place for entering new markets.

Spitch launched a new release of the complete set of online tools to help our clients and partners implement bespoke voice recognition software in a cost-effective way. Spitch Lingware Suite creates business value by delivering a full stack of easy-to-use apps and services that enable partners’ and clients’ teams to quickly develop, test, integrate and deploy solutions in-house, without reliance on external vendors and consultants. A dedicated page at Spitch website provides a short overview of Lingware Suite and shows a few examples of using it.

Many things have been done to increase Spitch brand awareness among the target audiences online. The updated website has been focused on leads generation and describing how Spitch solutions help human contact centre agents by robotizing routine operations, improving customer experience as well as increasing sales and revenues. New sections also help assess potential ROI and show universal references for the typical use cases characteristic to many of our clients and partners.

Spitch global team meeting has revealed a comprehensive picture of the company's growth, allowing to take stock of the current developments, clarifying the strategy and determining growth directions in the near future.