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Avaloq customers now have access to voice and speech recognition solutions from Spitch

7 February 2019

Avaloq customers now have access to voice and speech recognition solutions from Spitch

S05022019.jpgSpitch solution has been integrated with the Avaloq Banking Suite to automate processes where spoken language is used. The banks running the Avaloq Banking Suite can now offer cost-effective services to their customers over the voice channel even in Swiss German dialects.

The speech interface solution was jointly developed by the two companies in close partnership. A prototype was first presented at the Avaloq Community Conference 2018. The solution identifies a person on the phone and then checks compliance and sends the required account balance information by SMS to a preregistered device.

Spitch solutions provides a number of advantages for Avaloq’s customers. The most important among them are the automation of routine processes, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Spitch's mature solutions are excellently positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for voice and speech recognition in virtually every area. Spitch is also the first provider to offer corporate solutions in various Swiss dialects.

«The availability of voice-driven service offerings is becoming increasingly widespread in banking. The partnership with Spitch enables us to offer our customers state-of-the-art voice banking solutions in the future», – commented Thomas Beck, CTO of the Avaloq Group.

"Partnering with Avaloq to develop a speech interface solution for Avaloq clients clearly highlights the growing importance of conversational user interfaces. It is expected that the next generation of consumers will be able to fully operate their devices with speech input. Among other things, this will change the client interactions of financial and insurance service providers sustainably, and not only there. Our solutions will make a significant contribution to achieving client satisfaction with a concomitant cost reduction for the provider." – commented Jürg Schleier, Country Manager DACH at Spitch.

Banks of any size and other financial services providers get clear-cut benefits from automating contact centres and making self-services easier for customers in all channels by deploying NLP/NLU-enabled chatbots, personal assistants and other speech tech tools united within the Spitch omni-channel conversational platform.

Visit the case studies page on the Spitch website to learn more about the project in Avaloq and other interesting projects in Swiss and European companies where Spitch implemented solutions in automatic speech recognition (ASR), voice user interfaces (VUI) and natural language data analytics.