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“Digital People – Digital World” – Spitch unveiled the future of Contact Centres at the Call & Contact Centre Expo 2019

4 April 2019

“Digital People – Digital World” – Spitch unveiled the future of Contact Centres at the Call & Contact Centre Expo 2019

for_news.jpgSpitch took part in the Ultimate Event for the Customer Engagement World - The Call & Contact Centre Expo 2019, held in London on March 27&28. At the company's booth and during a presentation, participants were able to learn about AI based speech solutions, real use cases and best practices in the implementation of voice systems in Contact Centres all over the world.

Piergiorgio Vittori, Global Development Director and Country Manager at Spitch presented “Digital People - Digital World”. This is the Spitch expert look at the future of contact centres and process automation based on the use of artificial intelligence.

He talked about company’s vision, goals and achievements. Several case studies were described.

The first case was about the implementation of a Smart IVR for Swisscard AECS GmbH, which is the market leader for credit card management in Switzerland. Swisscard has received the «Golden Headset Award 2018» for the most innovative Contact Centre solution in Switzerland and the CAt winner Award 2019 in Berlin - first AI based solution.

Piergiorgio then talked about Speech Analytics for the automation of compliance auditing in sales calls. The solution was deployed for a large international BPO. Other cases included a Credit Card self-service collection for Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts' e-commerce solution, an NLU based form Filling solution for a UK Insurance Company and speaker verification for a Swiss Retail Bank.

Spitch is active across EMEA and globally focusing on financial services, telco, healthcare, public transport and other promising industries, adopting AI-powered speech technologies. Piergiorgio Vittori illustrated AI driven Speech Technology 2019 Trends based on the experience and practice of Spitch; the main five areas being:

  • Voice first: from a gadget to a fundamental element of the CX

  • Biometric Authentication: for better security and CX improvement

  • Omnichannel:  conversational platforms

  • UI omnichannel services in outsourcing

  • Voice data & Privacy: Speech analytics in support of compliance and CX.

Please have a look at the video about our Speech Analytics solution.

If you want to know more, please visit the event page.