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Voice empowering the health care Customer Service: Spitch shares its experience at CMI TalkAbout

21 May 2019

Voice empowering the health care Customer Service: Spitch shares its experience at CMI TalkAbout

for_news.jpgOn May 9th 2019, Spitch sponsored the CMI Talk About Il potere della voce nel Customer Service (Voice Power in Customer Service) event in Milan. Company executives and customer service managers gathered together to learn about the innovative approach and the economic and organizational benefits provided by voice technologies.

Customer service management is increasingly linked to voice-driven processes, following the path Alexa and Google Home have undertaken in the consumer market. Nevertheless, business use cases would need a thorough design and implementation strategy to be really effective, and take the customer experience to a superior level.

In his presentation “Voice Empowered by Speech Technologies”, Piergiorgio Vittori, Country Manager Spitch Italy, UK&I and Global Development Director, illustrated the state of the art of available technologies, focusing on Natural Language Understanding and Processing (NLU/NLP), voice analytics and biometric authentication. Piergiorgio highlighted how speech technologies can boost a brand new “interactive freedom”, thanks to the immediacy of the response and the use of natural language – always keeping the right balance with human operators’ roles and tasks.

The presentation (*Italian language) is available on the event page.

The presentation also included a session of the Spitch partner Dotvocal, whose CEO Enrico Reboscio described the joint solution developed on behalf of Casa della Salute, a major Italian private health care provider, for a multichannel self-service medical booking system, based on a speech driven IVR and Bot (text and voice) enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language (AI / NLP). Omar Lafi, Casa della Salute’s CIO, provided an exhaustive picture of their current difficulties and the reasons behind the adoption of this innovative solution. It is worth mentioning among them the drastic improvement of the customer experience, with a reduction to zero of the waiting time, the 7x24 access to the booking system and the handling of all incoming calls.

Potential implementations of voice technologies for health care and wellbeing may even be more; to know about new ideas and applications continue reading here (*Italian language).