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Spitch is also a Genesys® App Foundry Partner

18 July 2019

Spitch is also a Genesys® App Foundry Partner

mp_.jpgThe voice-driven solutions of the leading Swiss speech technology provider ­– Spitch – are now also available on the Genesys AppFoundry, a dedicated customer experience marketplace. Genesys is the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions. Its customers now have direct access to Spitch's leading voice technology products.

AppFoundry enables Genesys customers in all market segments to access a broad range of integrations that make it easier to interact with consumers, retain employees, discover, deploy and optimize their workforce. Businesses of any size, from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), use Genesys solutions to improve their customer experience also in Switzerland.

In many cases, customer contact is associated with the caller having to press keys on their phone in order to direct their request to the right place. This process is unpopular with many customers and occasionally leads to cancelled calls. The Spitch solution makes it possible to significantly simplify and accelerate this process by means of voice input, thus increasing customer satisfaction. The callers describe their concerns in their own language. The Spitch solution is the only system that also understands Swiss dialects. The Spitch solution understands the spoken text and automatically converts it in real time into a text message. Immediately, the request of the customer is recognized and the call is forwarded to the right place. Cumbersome process of pressing the right keys on a small screen is thus a thing of the past. Thanks to shorter waiting times and the immediate targeted handling of the concerns expressed, the customer experience improves enormously. On the client side, the use of an automated voice-driven customer interface has significant potential for cost saving.

The Spitch solution extends the capabilities of the Genesys IVR by enabling end users to complement it with a voice-based customer interface, simplifying and improving the customer experience.

Jürg Schleier, Country Manager DACH at Spitch, underlines the great importance of the partnership with Genesys as follows: "Genesys AppFoundry is the world's leading marketplace for Telephony Response Systems with corresponding market penetration. For Spitch, the presence on the Genesys AppFoundry is a step of tremendous importance that will open further market potential for us. This will give us the opportunity to provide Genesys customers with added value for their existing solutions, further enhancing the customer experience."

The Spitch Integration with Genesys PureEngageTM is available now on AppFoundry.

The original press release is available here (in German)