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Spitch Offers AI-driven Robots for Call Centres

4 September 2019

Spitch Offers AI-driven Robots for Call Centres

robots_news.jpgWe help Contact Centre to handle considerably larger number of tasks, significantly improve staff efficiency and satisfaction as well as pursue their professional growth.

Updated pages on Spitch’s website describe how exactly our “naturally speaking” AI-driven robots automatically process routine queries via self-services, support human contact centre staff in handling comprehensive tasks with the help of real-time speech analytics by taking care of the routine and freeing up human creative potential.

The Virtual Team, representing a universal conversational platform that can be precisely tailored to any specific business domain, consists of three robots: Luka, Alina and David.

Luka is designed to handle conversations with customers, starting from answering calls professionally after the first ring tone, resolving standard queries automatically or transferring calls to the appropriate contact centre teams at the right moment. Luka is also able to maintain complex free speech conversations managing content towards a quick and effective resolution of the customer issue based on recognized intent. It ensures that most of the standard queries are addressed fully automatically, while unusual and complex ones are routed to the specialised teams or individual agents, when required. Luka is able to make outgoing calls following virtually any scripts required.

Alina is a virtual quality assurance supervisor using multi-dimensional speech analytics. Alina checks whether scripts are followed effectively, makes the necessary prompts and provides evidence-based feedback analysing up to 100% of the contact centre conversations in real time or retrospectively, if required. Its capabilities are most valuable for measuring key NPS criteria and increasing customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner. Alina’s speech analytics functions are also used for regulatory compliance monitoring (including MiFID II, GDPR, etc.).

David is a virtual security officer responsible for automatic caller identification, customer identity verification and authentications by means of text-independent voice biometrics. David can also handle other security-related tasks, including fraud prevention and confidentiality assurance.

“The virtual assistants delivered as part of the Spitch conversational platform can really make a difference in terms of cost-effective improvements to customer service in any call centre – big or small – in any industry,” – says Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch: “Spitch Lingware Suite tools and Dialogue Composer make it possible to fine-tune language models and dialogue structures specifically for your business clientele within days”.

The Virtual Team can work in 5,000-10,000 or even more channels with an intensity of 200-300 calls per second in cloud or on-premise to meet data privacy requirements. Virtual assistants can also be deployed to handle small-scale operations and are affordable even to SMEs.