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Voice-driven CRM for insurance and other industries: getting things done on the move

18 September 2019

Voice-driven CRM for insurance and other industries: getting things done on the move

090090__23.jpgBSI – Spitch’s partner – introduced voice-driven functions in its CRM. The key advantage of the conversational interface is easy data entry and retrieval, complete adjustment to the modern-day mobility requirements, and enhanced user experience.

Spitch’s high-precision voice recognition in many languages makes working with CRM really easy, even while driving a car, commuting or passing through airport lounges.

With a new solution, insurance agents, field sales and managers get clear benefits from processing customer information quickly and easily by using voice. They often have to work with CRM on the move, entering and extracting data, managing appointments and making notes. Using Spitch’s high-precision Voice User Interface (VUI) makes a real difference.

  • Voice-enabled interface is available in both the mobile and desktop apps

  • Taking further actions like switching to your map app or starting a phone call is easy

  • Protocolling of customers meetings helps pin down all the details

Spitch’s CRM Mobile assistant can, for example, help one to quickly get a list of the appointments scheduled for today and tomorrow and manage them by simple voice commands.

It is important for any business user to understand the benefits that they get when using new features:

  • Agent’s time saving. Things that can’t wait are attended to at once with minimum effort.

  • Improved customer service. Increased customer satisfaction.

  • Ensuring that the protocols are complete and accurate. Data entry is accurate and easy, which contributes to more efficient workflows.

If you are interested in this experience, please read a more detailed description of the solution, its capabilities and the benefits that both business users and their customers receive, here.