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Spitch held the 2nd Webinar: Ready-to-Use Solutions for Banking, Insurance and Telecoms

12 November 2019

Spitch held the 2nd Webinar: Ready-to-Use Solutions for Banking, Insurance and Telecoms

results.jpgThe Spitch Team launched the series of informative webinars drawing from the experience in implementing AI-driven conversational platforms and covering Conversational IVR, Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistants and more. 

The second webinar was held on November 5 and covered ready-to-use solutions for banking, insurance and telecoms. Spitch team members shared their valuable practical experience in implementing voice solutions in these industries. Spitch experts also demonstrated live demo examples on how these solutions help soothe the pains that our partners’ clients are normally dealing with.

As usual during the webinar, Spitch conducted polls to get a sense of the current attitudes and the level of interest towards specific voice solutions among the clients of our partners and other webinar participants. It turned out that the majority of those who voted in the 1st poll (26%) believe that a call steering IVR with the pop-up of the call summary/transcript is the solutions that their clients are ready to implement in their call centre now. 11% voted for the intelligent IVR that automatically provides generic information to customers, which may be indicative of a still existing conservative approach to implementing speech solutions in a step-by-step manner, where visible interim results in cost saving and CX improvement are fundamental drivers of further innovations.

The second poll revealed that Customer experience management (CEM) teams and Sales and Marketing are the business units in a bank that are most interested in using a speech analytics dashboard (20% each). Only 10% of Spitch partners and other participants, who voted in the poll, believe it would be a Security business unit.

The third poll was about the main advantage of using a voice biometric solution for Spitch partners’ clients. Security improvement and Customer experience improvement each got 20%, while 15% believe it would be Reducing the call centre workload and cost saving.

If you would like to learn more about the webinar, you can view and/or download the full recording and the presentation of the event at the event page.

The webinars are of particular value to Spitch partners whose business is or is moving towards providing speech-based solutions to their clients and delivering business benefits from day one. The upcoming webinar will examine a range of use cases across several markets and the tangible cost saving they bring.

Register for the upcoming 3rd webinar:

«Ready-to-Use Solutions for Retail, Government, Healthcare and other Industries». 19 November 2019, 11:00 am Zurich / Milan Time (10:00 am London Time).

The webinar will be held in English. The expected duration of the webinar is 1 hour. Participation is free.

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