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Webinar Participants See Prospects for Spitch Solutions in Retail, Government and Other Industries

26 November 2019

Webinar Participants See Prospects for Spitch Solutions in Retail, Government and Other Industries

results.jpgThe Spitch Team completed a series of webinars for partners. The webinars were of particular value to those of our partners whose business is or is moving towards providing speech-based solutions to their clients and delivering business benefits from day one. The topic of the last webinar was “Ready-to-Use Solutions for Retail, Government, Healthcare and other Industries”.

Spitch experts presented the tools for development and customisation of speech solutions, a range of use cases across several markets in retail, government, healthcare and other industries, as well as the tangible cost saving they bring.

Speakers and webinar participants discussed the parameters of a natural dialogue-based conversational platform that will most effectively meet the needs of a modern contact center. We talked about the introduction of a robotic call centre, reducing the cost of deployment by duplicating existing market solutions, and examples of successful cases. We also examined how a comprehensive and modular solution can provide a steady increase in sales. Spitch demonstrated its ability to serve as a one-stop shop for a full range of voice and speech technologies, including speech-to-text, intent and sentiment recognition, speech analytics, voice communications monitoring and voice biometrics.

During the webinar, participants were invited to share their expert opinions on a number of issues related to the webinar topic. The question «What use case do you think is the most valuable one for retail»? showed the following poll results: 25% of participants chose «Automation of the most frequent standard queries like "Where is my order?"»; 15% – «Customer/Product/Order identification during the call»; and 10% – «Voice-driven omnichannel chatbots for products advice and sales».

The next question of interest to us was: «Do you think the local government authorities in your country are ready to adopt voice and speech technologies»? The results are also quite optimistic: 35% believe that «Possibly they are, but not for big projects, just for pilot projects in some areas»; 18% answered «Yes, they are, it's a good time to approach them with voice and speech solutions»; and 12% – «We don't do business with the local government bodies». It is noteworthy that none of the participants in the webinar supported a negative scenario: «They will hardly be prepared to adopt voice and speech solutions now».

The third question: «What area of back-office activities may be improved most by using voice and speech solutions»? caused some difficulties: 53% of participants refrained from responding; 33% believed it was «IT (automation of tickets input)»; 7% chose: «HR, finance, administration (automation of communications with employees)» and 7% –«Security (voice authentication for employees, automation of communications with employees)»

One important outcome of the survey to us was that webinar participants see prospects for Spitch solutions in retail, government and other industries

If you are interested in the topic of the webinar, you can view and/or download the full recording of the event at the event page.