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Spitch AG is 5 years old now!

4 December 2019

Spitch AG is 5 years old now!

Sp.jpgSpitch team gathered in full at the end of November to take stock of 2019, evaluate achievements and set new goals for 2020. The meeting was held on November 28 and 29 in Madrid and brought together about 40 people. The event included a session of the R&D team, Sales Activities meetings, extended Product and Marketing Committees, as well as a business dinner dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the company.

Opening the meeting, Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch, noted: “In 2019, we made a step ahead in fundraising, acquired a number of new customers and further strengthened the company in terms of staffing, client and partner base, as well as reputation. Spitch is a firmly established and growing company set to expand into the new markets thanks to our continuing hard work, constant innovation, and team spirit”.

Spitch global team meeting has revealed a comprehensive picture of the company's growth, allowing to analyse the current situation, clarifying the strategy, and determining development directions in the near future.