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Nexteria and Spitch: a business-focused partnership for Voice Technologies

13 January 2020

Nexteria and Spitch: a business-focused partnership for Voice Technologies

Nexteria and Spitch: a business-focused partnership for Voice Technologies Nexteria and Spitch AG have entered into a partnership agreement for joint development and marketing of Customer Management solutions based on voice technologies. The two companies have already been actively cooperating in the last year, designing a totally innovative business offer platform; joint projects will bring significant advantages to companies in various sectors, both from the point of view of Customer Relationship and optimization of internal processes.

Nexteria is an Italian company, market leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Spitch is a Swiss company with a global scope including Italy, focused in voice technologies and spoken language analytics.

Piergiorgio Vittori, Spitch Global Development Director and Country Manager Italy, UK&I affirms: “Nexteria's solutions are conceived, designed and deployed always keeping in mind customer benefits, just like Spitch's solutions. Only the deep listening and understanding of customers’ needs may give fully satisfactory outcomes: this capability of ours will make Spitch solutions more usable and incisive."

Nexteria's consolidated experience in different industrial sectors is enriched thanks to the contribution of Spitch portfolio, in terms of Speech Recognition and Transcription, Semantic Analysis and NLU interpretation, Voice Biometrics, Sentiment Analysis / Emotion Detection and Speech Analytics.

"Nexteria is a living innovation factory, to the outmost benefit of its customers and end users" comments Luis Caramagna, Nexteria Co-Founder & CEO "That’s why we have warmly welcomed the partnership with Spitch, an international leader in voice technologies, which adds to traditional interactive channels a totally innovative way of managing the customer. Our customers’ processes will obtain significant advantages from our joint offering".

The combined skills of Nexteria and Spitch represent a complete set of solutions, based on their respective technological and design capabilities, that will be customized according to customer needs.