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Spitch and Abramo: Compliance Audit Process Optimization Made Possible by Voice Technologies

22 January 2020

Spitch and Abramo: Compliance Audit Process Optimization Made Possible by Voice Technologies

aa_____.jpgSpitch AG and Abramo Customer Care SpA have entered into a Partnership Agreement for joint development and marketing of solutions and products aimed to improve Contact Centre-related operations. The offer is highly beneficial both to Abramo’s customers and to Abramo itself, and results from the company’s constant search for improvements of customer service solutions.

Customer first: the latest additions to the regulatory frameworks aim to ensure a full protection of consumers’ rights and privacy. Spitch and its voice technologies have the capability to guarantee a very high level of security and compliance, without additional costs, by automating internal and external processes, and allowing human operators to focus on value-adding activities.

This joint project, put into production by Abramo Group and named “Excellent First User”, envisages a full automation of telephone conversations’ analysis, based on robotized review of all interactions where agent and customer agree on a new - or renewed - service contract. Abramo’s professional staff-members act as outsourced commercial agents on behalf of any of their multisector customers (e.g. telecommunications, energy or e-commerce).

The audit of phone calls, usually carried out by human agents in order to assess adherence to scripts and legal compliance, involves a significant amount of worktime and a higher risk level due to potential human error in performing repetitive activities. The introduction of a subsequent verification via a "virtual agent", capable of automatically detecting compliance breaches quicker and with proven accuracy, would optimize the regulatory audit process and add business value.

Abramo is a leading Italian company in integrated BPO services, with significant activities encompassing graphics, document management, customer and credit management, etc. They are present in international markets, including Germany, Albania and Brazil.

Spitch is an established Swiss company with consolidated presence in Italy, UK and Germany, and a leading provider of cutting-edge AI-driven voice technology solutions, delivering high accuracy and performance. In 2019, Spitch was recognized by Gartner as a “cool vendor” in speech and natural language, in a corresponding report.

Piergiorgio Vittori, Spitch Global Development Director and Country Manager Italy comments: “Our cooperation with Abramo is based on a common concrete and result-oriented approach, which led to this compliance project. We are proud to have Abramo Group in the dual role of customer and partner, and we hope to continue collaborating on new projects”.

“We are really pleased by this joint compliance management solution" confirms Maurizio Macaluso, Abramo Sales & Business Development Director “Cooperating with an innovative company such as Spitch has led to a truly disruptive result, as regards streamlining of internal processes and enrichment of customer offer range. This and other solutions will soon be deployed also in other sectors, to increase the level of customer care, and at the same time show the market how speech technologies play a crucial role in optimizing business costs and improving customer experience”.

More information about this and many other projects is available via this link.

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