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Voice technology improving healthcare: Spitch & Dotvocal multichannel solution for Casa della Salute IVR & BOT

6 February 2020

Voice technology improving healthcare: Spitch & Dotvocal multichannel solution for Casa della Salute IVR & BOT

090___1.jpgDotvocal and Spitch AG have together designed a multichannel solution, including voice IVR, bot (text and voice) and Facebook, based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (AI / NLP), which automates the booking process for patients, whether this is via telephone, bot or social media and without the need for direct involvement of human call center agents. This joint solution was implemented by Casa della Salute, a Liguria-based group operating in private healthcare.

Dotvocal is an Italian company who is a leader in the development and integration of voice and multimodal applications, boasting important achievements on national and international levels.

Spitch is an established Swiss company with a strong presence in Italy, UK and Germany and a leading provider of cutting-edge, AI-driven voice technology solutions delivering high accuracy and performance. In 2019 Spitch was recognized by Gartner as a “cool vendor” in speech and natural language in a corresponding report.

Casa della Salute is a major private healthcare Italian player operating through an extensive network of medical centers and who is continuously growing.  They decided to adopt a totally innovative customer care strategy by including new channels and touchpoints thus providing a best-in-class customer experience.

Casa della Salute receives about 30,000 calls per month from patients that need to make or change a reservation or simply require information. The existing contact centre could not cope with the growing number of incoming requests, in turn causing long call queues and leading to caller frustration which resulted in 20% of calls being lost.

Spitch together with its partner Dotvocal developed a multi-channel solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (AI / NLP) to automatically manage reservations 24/7/365 with the following process:

  • A voice enabled IVR, a text,  voice Bot or Facebook (text only) receives the request and welcomes the patient asking for their personal info.

  • Subsequently, the system prompts for the type of exam and the clinic for the provision of the service, along with the preferred date.

  • The Spitch/Dotvocal solution interprets the replies and books the exam, based on the availability of the corresponding medical staff, resources and date/ time slot.

  • The system returns to the patient with all the relevant logistical and health information that they will need for their visit to clinic.

Omar Lafi, Casa della Salute CIO, declares: “The AI/NLP-based solution implemented by Spitch and DotVocal helps our first line contact centre staff by handling routine workload and attending to customers with no waiting time. This is a move to the right direction as it helps us grow without the need to add and train additional operators”

Enrico Reboscio, Dotvocal CEO and Piergiorgio Vittori, Spitch Global Development Director and Country Manager Italy, UK&I agree: “Our partnership is not merely based on technology but on a determination to find the most suitable solutions for each customer, in this way both contributing to innovation growth. Casa della Salute is one of our most interesting success stories and yet other solutions will soon be added, not only in healthcare!”

The Dotvocal and Spitch partnership can leverage their individual as well as complementary competences in designing voice technology solutions together, providing for innovative B2B solutions. Dotvocal’s particular expertise spans a broad product offering across VT integration, aids for the disabled and automatic interpretation,  further enhanced by the contribution from Spitch's range of solutions:  Speech Recognition,  Analytics and Sentiment Analysis,   Voice Biometrics including Voice Identification and Verification, Voice Transcription, Voice-driven IVR and Self-service.

More information about this and many other projects is available via this link.

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