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Spitch can help your overloaded call centres

30 March 2020

Spitch can help your overloaded call centres


Questions to call centre managersThis is our advice

  • Is your current contact centre digitisation process able to cope with the increasing number of interactions? Spitch can help by prioritizing all the calls, automating the routine and most repetitive interactions allowing your agents to focus on what is more complex or urgent.
  • Are you concerned about the productivity of your agents while home-working? Spitch automatic transcription and analytics in real time or off-line provides feedback and alerts to both agents and managers. Additionally, Spitch can automatically verify the identity of the agent dealing with the call (voice biometrics).
  • Are you managing to hit your targets for outbound calling? Spitch fully conversational front end can automate outbound campaigns as well as deliver vital information to your customers and even provide confirmation back.
  • Are you maintaining your high quality of service and staying compliant to regulations, during the staff shortage? Spitch compliance monitoring can transcribe and analyse 100% of calls, ensuring you are staying compliant all of the time.