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Spitch and Luware partnership serves Migrosbank

11 August 2020

Spitch and Luware partnership serves Migrosbank

spitch news Luware EN.jpgSpitch voice-driven solutions are integrated with Microsoft communication platforms such as MS TeamsTM and Skype for BusinessTM expanded by Luware – one of the leading customer service software providers headquartered in Switzerland. A Gold Microsoft Partner, Luware has over 200 clients, approximately 100,000 users and over 80 staff-members in Switzerland, the UK, Germany, the USA and Belarus with a passion for modern technology and excellent customer service. 

The most recent integration of Spitch voice biometrics for customer authentication with Luware customer communication systems deployed at Migros Bank in Switzerland is the best example of mutually complementary advantages of this partnership for clients. The Spitch voice biometrics system receives the audio stream from the Luware contact centre routing solution integrated with Skype for Business at Migros Bank. Luware forks the incoming audio signal to both Spitch in a secured audio stream and to Skype for Business for the Agent’s live conversation with the customer. Spitch verifies the customer voice and returns the continuous verification results to the CRM software which displays it on the Agent’s desktop. Luware handles the call dialogue and agent routing.

“Thanks to Luware’s open APIs, solutions such as Spitch’s voice recognition can be easily integrated,” says Philipp Beck, CEO of Luware. “With our selected technology partners we can offer our customers best-of-breed solutions for various use-cases that are seamlessly integrated into our contact center solutions.”

The solution allows to verify the identity of customers calling the Migros Bank’s contact centre even easier and faster. While the customer introduces himself and explains the reason of the call, the live voice is compared in the background with the voiceprint of the customer that has been registered during the previous calls. This takes only a few seconds. If the verification is successful, the bank employee receives a positive signal on her screen and can immediately start advising customers. The continuous verification process ensures that the customer identity remains confirmed throughout the conversation.

“We are pleased with the promising business partnership and look forward to tangible mutual benefits and, most importantly, clear-cut wins for our customers” – says Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch – “Besides voice biometric solution, customers could gain from other Spitch products that can be integrated with Luware technologies, in particular – automate the processing of certain categories of calls, enhance intent recognition, and fully utilize the huge potential of real-time and off-line speech analytics for customer service and support”.

Learn more about Spitch and Luware solutions and the partnership between the two companies by contact us direct.