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Spitch Voice Technologies for IVO, DAb Distributori Virtual Bot Created by Sistem-Evo

6 January 2021

Spitch Voice Technologies for IVO, DAb Distributori Virtual Bot Created by Sistem-Evo

spitch Ivo SistemEvo news.jpgSistem-Evo, international company based in Italy, leader in AI solutions via the multichannel conversational platform IVO, and Spitch, Swiss-based international leader in speech technologies and analytics, are glad to announce their partnership in the implementation of an interactive text+voice bot, to support the customer care activities of Guglielmetti.

Guglielmetti, based near Milan and operating in the vending business, opened in 2019 DAb Distributori, automatic distribution business unit of bulk biomass, setting an avant-garde omnichannel customer service based on AI. Sistem-Evo designed a full architecture, endowing clients and commercial network with a series of touchpoints covering every stage of the journey. The company web and Facebook pages are enhanced by IVO, the Virtual Bot which since May 2020 communicates also through a dedicated phone number thanks to Spitch voice solution. Indeed, the increasing number of incoming calls highlighted the need for an automatic touchpoint for request screening and immediate answering, with potential routing to human agents.

The entire interaction flow and history are remembered, bringing concrete benefits both to customers and to the company itself, in terms of time saving and response coherence, thanks to IVO’s continuous updating. All this was made possible thanks to Sistem-Evo and Spitch shared vision and technological synergies, in structuring AI-based solutions able to satisfy both large companies’ and SMEs’ needs.

Spitch and Sistem-Evo are very proud of their collaboration for this b2b solution, as the company owner Lorenzo Guglielmetti declared: "We are experiencing many benefits, both for clients and ourselves: service can be accessed 24/7/365, via multiple channels, giving correct and timely answers. In addition to ensuring a smoother customer experience, the increase in contacts does not overload our internal infrastructure, with time free up for business development and a higher-level customer care. We have always been committed to an innovative approach not only on products, but above all on service, and the market is responding enthusiastically to us and to the joint engagement of our tech partners".