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Spitch NLU/AI based speech solutions to accompany the digitalisation journey

22 February 2021

Spitch NLU/AI based speech solutions to accompany the digitalisation journey

pic.jpgPiergiorgio Vittori, Global Business Development Director presented Spitch’s vision at the “Leading the future together” session during the CRIF Managerial meeting of January 27th, 2021

After an introduction of Spitch, its product portfolio, mission and vision, Piergiorgio went through a few significant international use cases, highlighting how Spitch solutions addressed the specific pain points in each situation, as well as the key benefits achieved.

Examples of the problems Spitch solved varied from long waiting times in a call centre to the lack of access in a remote location, from low operator productivity to non-secure transactions, from compliance issues to low customer CX just to name a few. The uses case descriptions were then followed by a selection of videos showing demos in action and these are available to view at any time.

As per the benefits, Piergiorgio reported what customers actually measured after a statistically relevant period in production.

A key message was the quick time to market, made possible thanks to the availability of the Spitch software tools. For example, in just one day, Spitch was able to develop and show at the event, a prototype for a use case brought by one of the participants just prior to the event itself.

Soon after the presentation, an interactive session started, whereby participants were actively involved in discussing ideas, customer requests and user perceptions.

Market trends were analysed and a poll, taken among the participants provided some interesting feedback as follows:

1)      Speech analytics is one of the main areas of speech processing today.

2)      Voice biometrics is not solely about security but is a great tool for passive authentication, avoiding an otherwise long and intrusive process, thereby increasing customer acceptance and CX.

3)      In a highly regulated market, compliance is a burden that technology can ease by automatically auditing 100% of interactions.

4)      Sentiment analysis also received a high ranking, and this is no surprise, given how it impacts CX

The CRIF HR department also presented a very interesting use case that is being implemented using the Spitch product, including a video illustrating the use case in practical terms.

Finally, the topic of market trends in voice processing technologies and solutions ended this well-attended internal event.

Spitch is proud to work with someone of such excellent market presence as CRIF. Our joint solutions provide an innovative digitalization path that is revolutionising the CX paradigm.


If you want to learn more about the presentation, the polls taken as well as discover how such speech solutions can help in the digitalisation journey, please follow the link.