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Spitch expertise: how AI can improve your customer experience in banks

3 March 2021

Spitch expertise: how AI can improve your customer experience in banks

009.jpgOn 27 January 2021, the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA) hosted an online event called “Voicebots for Banking: How AI Can Improve Your Customer Experience”. Stephan Fehlmann from Spitch was invited to contribute with an expert keynote speech on the topic followed by a panel discussion with other industry experts and questions from the audience.

The keynote presentation contained an outline of some of the great challenges faced by customer services today, as well as the importance of the seamless end-to-end omnichannel approach providing the best possible level of quality consistently while adhering to data security rules. The fast-rising technological capabilities of conversational AI and trends towards a wider adoption of voice banking were stressed with a particular emphasis on the advantages speech offers over text. The audience received a clear overview of what voice banking is, how it works and, most importantly, how it can help increase efficiency, quality and data security as well as reduce costs. A study from the US concluding that more than 50% of all respondents considered voice banking very useful underlined the topicality and importance of such solutions. The presentation also covered an array of use cases that are already implemented today with a clear correlation to the benefits for businesses, employees and end users.

The panel discussion led by Gabriel Lemon from SFTA represented a wisely chosen mixture of industry experts providing very interesting firsthand insights from different angles. Dominic Spalinger from PostFinance shared his experience of implementing such intelligent voice assistants at PostFinance while Jérôme Bailly from AdNovum and Stephan Fehlmann shared their expertise on the integration and technology aspects. The very diverse audience has contributed with all kinds of interesting questions ranging from technology across UIs and customer experience to regulatory aspects.

You can find out more about this event by watching the video.

The presentation is available on the event page.