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Spitch Contributes to Forrester’s New Report on Voice Biometrics

8 April 2021

Spitch Contributes to Forrester’s New Report on Voice Biometrics

Spitch news Forrester 2.jpgSpitch has been interviewed for the research report by Forrester “Best Practices And Trends: Voice Biometrics. Voice Biometrics Can Improve Security And Customer Experience”, published on February 10, 2021.

The report argues, among others, that passive voice biometrics is better placed to improve customer experience and “lower friction for users”. According to Forrester, modern voice biometrics solutions offer active and passive modes of operation (text dependent versus text independent). “Passive voice biometrics silently listens to and authenticates the customer while the customer is interacting with the interactive voice response telephony system or with a human customer support representative”.

“It is important to see the advice we have been giving to clients being confirmed by independent thought leaders like Forrester based on the comprehensive market research” – says Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch. “Spitch is also one step ahead of many market leaders in terms of voice biometrics accuracy and usability of the solutions as proven by our recent projects involving gearing up from legacy solutions to the cutting-edge voice biometrics applications”, adds Piergiorio Vittori, Global Development Director and Country Manager Italy, UK & Ireland.

Forrester analysis seems to imply that the continuous verification approach and not just a one-off authentication by voice biometrics in the beginning of a conversation is one of the promising future directions for the application of this technology. Spitch’s early insight well ahead of the market helped us start offering continuous verification a few years ago.

One good example today is Migros Bank in Switzerland using on-premise voice biometrics solution providing continuous verification of the customer’s identity throughout the conversation. “Spitch has integrated its innovative solution into our systems quickly and seamlessly” –  says Rolf Knöpfel, Head of Innovation and Marketing at Migros Bank.

Contact us to learn more about Spitch’s voice biometrics solutions and request a Spitch’s paper on legal aspects of voice biometry deployment in the EU, Switzerland and CEE.