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Spitch Virtual Assistants Are Now Available Via Genesys AppFoundry

3 August 2021

Spitch Virtual Assistants Are Now Available Via Genesys AppFoundry

spitch news genesys and app.jpgSpitch technology partnership with Genesys initiated in 2017 gets further impetus with a new listing in AppFoundry testifying to the trust that our global partners have in Spitch solutions. In addition to Spitch ASR – a universal engine for speech recognition, Spitch Virtual Assistants (VA) have now been added to the Genesys Cloud. Spitch VAs can process voice and text queries from customers fully automatically, steer calls to the right human agents and much more. VAs are now available in the cloud to a vast number of potential customers worldwide who can get access and deploy the VAs straight away for a wide range of use cases in different industries with no need for software installation. Alternatively, Spitch VAs can be used to build bespoke contact center robots virtually for any use case.

What makes Spitch products different is the use of cutting-edge model training approaches that require minimal amount of client's data or no client's data at all. This ensures the fastest time to market, quick customization and deployment, including from day one for many cloud-based solutions. It also stands behind the proven ability for high-precision dialects recognition, which made Spitch the market leader in Switzerland. Omnichannel conversational platform with a set of seamlessly connected components and tools for virtually any task including customization, localization and new voice applications development is yet another Spitch’s strength.

Today’s customers would like to speak with a voice system or chat using text in the same natural way they do with a human being. And they expect human-like quality of speech- and intent-recognition. Voice and text automation is the main enabler for meeting these needs and a fast-growing demand while reducing costs and improving customer experience. Voice and NLU are currently transforming the market from an “early adopter” to a “late follower” with many companies trying to catch up with those who are already reaping the benefits of natural language-enabled enterprise digitalization.

Most of the new contact centre projects will include capabilities for automatic handling of voice and text interactions.

Visit Spitch’s product new listing on Genesys AppFoundry to learn more or contact us for further information.