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Employee-customer conversation with «Speech Analytics» — also in all Swiss dialects

23 August 2021

Employee-customer conversation with «Speech Analytics» — also in all Swiss dialects

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Automation and increased efficiency can be boosted by using open dialogue-based natural language understanding (NLU) with the Virtual Assistant and automatic analysis of employee-customer conversations powered by Speech Analytics. Spitch, uniquely, makes these solutions available in all Swiss languages including all Swiss German dialects.

Omnichannel voice and text recognition has matured in recent years helping to deliver high quality services. Thanks to Siri and Co., acceptance among customers is presently very high. In the contact centre, voice and text recognition is extremely well suited to easily automate processes or to offer automatic services outside business hours.

The recognition of Swiss German, however, continued to pose a serious challenge. Spitch is the first provider of conversational AI solutions for business that also understand various Swiss dialects. A large part of the commercial calls with banks and call centers are made in Swiss German. Do you think your system correctly interprets words like "Plagöri", "Manöggeli" or "Büezer"? Spitch can do this and much more, for example – analysing call recordings (who said what, when and how) or providing biometric voice recognition to verify callers’ identity.

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Spitch and its partner SwissPro will show you on 31 August 2021 from 08.00 - 09.00 how easily open dialogue NLU can be integrated into your existing telephony system and how this can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. The extracted customer speech data can also be easily synchronised with existing CRM (or another solution). With a live demo, we will demonstrate how we have integrated NLU into the support system at SwissPro.