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Rapidly Growing Demand for Conversational AI Solutions in Insurance

8 February 2022

Rapidly Growing Demand for Conversational AI Solutions in Insurance

webinar-results-27-01-22-4.jpgAdnovum and Spitch jointly held a 45-minute live webinar on the omnichannel voice and text bot solution on January 27, 2022. The online event was exceptionally well attended with over 60 executives from the insurance industry. The webinar statistics evidence keen interest on the part of 90% of participants towards the omnichannel bot solution. This reflects the increasing demand for Conversational AI among the industry experts. Attendees gained insights on how to use automated speech solutions in accordance with best practices in order to improve customer service, increase contact centre efficiency, and optimize marketing and sales activities. They were also given practical recommendations that can be easily and quickly implemented. 

When asked "What are the essential criteria for a successful implementation of a voice and/or text bot strategy in your company?” more than 30% said that a simple tool with a user-friendly interface was important so that they could create and customise their own bots. Another 40% placed an emphasis on meeting privacy and compliance requirements. 25% of respondents believe it is critical that solutions for text and voice channels are on the same platform, so implementation only happens once, regardless of which channel (voice or text) is launched first.

Today, digital voice and text bots can understand and answer over 80% of standard questions. The “develop once deploy omni” approach allows to start with either voice or text and then add an omnichannel capability. Low code/no code components make it easy for customer to adapt and fine-tune the bot on side, with no need for costly professional services or coding experience. The bot understands German, Italian, French, English and other languages and dialects including Swiss German. If it does not understand a question, the customer is immediately connected to a human contact centre agent. Overall, such solutions help reduce workloads in the call centre by 15 to 40%.

Spitch's conversational AI solutions integrated by our partner Adnovum can add significant value and make a positive impact on the business of insurance companies. Spitch is a one-stop shop vendor with a full stack of technologies and know-how designed to provide customers with solutions satisfying their every need in conversational AI and delivered in a seamlessly integrated way. 

The presentation and a taster from the live webinar is available here.