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Reale Group Strengthens its Customer Service Thanks to Spitch Virtual Assistant

3 May 2022

Reale Group Strengthens its Customer Service Thanks to Spitch Virtual Assistant

Reale Group Strengthens its Customer Service Thanks to Spitch Virtual Assistant

Spitch, a global one-stop shop vendor for conversational AI enterprise solutions, was chosen by Reale Group to increase the efficiency of its customer service. Spitch developed a solution, where Virtual Assistant is seamlessly connected to the Knowledge Base, answers most standard questions that are usually directed by junior operators to their superiors in a fully automated manner.

Typically, within the customer care divisions, the management of customer requests leads to many of the most inexperienced employees seeking assistance from their senior colleagues, waiting for their answers, and simultaneously distracting staff from customer engagement, which has a negative impact on productivity, efficiency and customer experience.

In this context, Reale Group, an international insurance company operating in Italy, Spain and Chile through the Parent Company – Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni, the largest Italian mutual insurance provider, has decided to improve its internal processes utilising the latest conversational AI solutions developed by Spitch.

The innovative element in the implementation of a Virtual Assistant with natural language and open dialogue capabilities lies in ensuring a seamless connection to a Knowledge Base with easily expandable range of “competence” topics, widening the number of business processes and scenarios potentially supported by automation. This enables the Virtual Assistant to answer staff questions 24x7 allowing to save significant worktime of experienced personnel as well as providing an immediate and precise response to their junior colleagues for a more efficient handling of customer request in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

“The solution allows the most experienced staff to fully focus on customer service,” said Matteo Lo Bue, Reale Group's Physical and Digital Workplace Topic Leader. "It immediately provides agents who have less experience in the company with the information relevant to their requests, thus increasing the overall efficiency of our customer care department."

The evolution of the product includes integration with company work systems (e.g. Microsoft Teams). Furthermore, the level of "competence" of the Virtual Assistant will be easily expandable thanks to the Speech Analytics features provided by Spitch, which will dynamically enrich the knowledge base by analysing conversations between operators.

"More and more companies are choosing to make use of a single conversational platform that can serve as a front-end for business applications, and we are really proud to be able to provide our solutions to a partner like Reale Group", states Piergiorgio Vittori, VP Business Development Worldwide and Regional Manager by Spitch. "The strength of our product lies in its modularity and in the wide range of integrations that we can offer. In the future, the Group will be able not only to enhance the areas of support covered by its Virtual Assistant, but also to combine it with Speech Analytics components that will help extract a wealth of data from interactions to improve staff training".

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