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Spitch Releases Newly Improved Products with Updated UI

11 July 2022

Spitch Releases Newly Improved Products with Updated UI

Spitch Releases Newly Improved Products with Updated UIIn the spirit of constant innovation, Spitch continues to improve user interfaces and further update components of its Omnichannel conversational platform. The latest version of the Knowledge Base (KB) adds value as far as the seamless integration with the Virtual Assistants is concerned, while the Speech Analytics (SA) now contains advanced reporting and BI tools with clear and intuitive user interfaces enabling users to customize and build report templates using low code/no code approach – features, which surpass the capabilities of competitors’ products. 

Multi-party conversations support for Speech Analytics has also been added – for conference calls and calls transferred between agents in contact centres. In addition to sentiment scoring, diarization, NLU, and summarization features are now available.

It is now possible to easily manage FAQ content in the Knowledge Base to generate automatic replies to customer queries, use the KB in Agent Prompt mode, generate calendar prompts and add fuzzy search results for Virtual Assistants to provide answers even when intents have been recognized with low confidence/probability. These new functions help increase efficiency and save costs as less conversations end up being steered to contact centre agents.

Deploying and managing the Knowledge Base has also become much easier thanks to Spitch’s low code/no code product philosophy and drag & drop user UI construction. Minimal involvement, if any, of the customer’s IT staff is required. Tiered structure of the new KB product (including free of charge Tier 1 KB functionalities supplied with all the new Virtual Assistants implementations) makes business sense for customers with different needs. 

Spitch’s standard “develop once – deploy omni” approach means that clients can fully utilize the new features with a text bot and then simply activate the new channel (for a voice bot), since the core functionality is the same. 

Please contact us if you require further information about this update.