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FINIX Technology Solutions partners with Spitch

22 November 2022

FINIX Technology Solutions partners with Spitch

spitch news Finix_EN.jpgFinix Technology Solutions and Spitch announced today that the companies have entered into a commercial partnership that will further accelerate the penetration of the Italian market for the Spitch solutions.

The agreement will allow Finix’s customers to access Spitch products and technologies for a quicker and more effective adoption of Artificial Intelligence solutions. Finix will support this go-to-market strategy through its consultative and service offering, while Spitch will be able to bring its state-of-the-art technologies to a larger set of small and large Italian companies.

“The inclusion of Spitch’s offering into our Portfolio makes a lot of sense when one looks at our current positioning in the AI market” said Danilo Rivalta, president of Finix. “When we built the Finix Artificial Intelligence Suite (FAIS) we wanted to be able to offer both ready-to-implement and project-related solutions, and Spitch’s approach allows us to do just that. Their flexibility is ideal for our varied customer base: we will be able to provide off-the-shelf Virtual Assistants as well as Speech Analytics or Voice Biometrics solutions.”

“We are delighted to work with a partner that shares our forward-looking innovative approach to provide the most advanced AI based solutions to any customers in Italy” said Piergiorgio Vittori, CEO of Spitch Italy and International Managing Director of Spitch.

“Finix’s market presence as well as technical competencies makes it an ideal partner for us, especially considering the peculiarity of each customer’s request and need.” 

In the intentions of both companies this move will accelerate the adoption of AI and NLP solutions by the market in Italy. “We were very impressed by Finix’s AI adoption model, where technical support goes hand in hand with training and consultancy on how to best use IA in individual companies’ reality” added Piergiorgio Vittori of Spitch. “AI is not just a technological stack, but a mindset to intelligently serve internal and external customer’s needs, while increasing CX.”

About FINIX Technology Solutions

Finix is the first Innovative & Cloud-service provider in Italy. It exclusively represents Fujitsu at national level, providing cloud & on-premise IT infrastructures, services and applications. Through the Finix Artificial Intelligence Suite (FAIS) it also provides a set of AI adoption services, from pure consulting to system integration to buyer advisership.