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Spitch Sponsors Newcomer Category at Customer Relations Award 2022

15 December 2022

Spitch Sponsors Newcomer Category at Customer Relations Award 2022

090___2.jpgOn 22 November 2022, the curtain rose for the Customer Relations Starts 2022 in Zurich, organized by HSLU (Hochschule Luzern) and The winners in six categories and the companies nominated for the Customer Relations Awards were honored at a ceremony attended by around 200 guests. Spitch sponsored the Newcomer category. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Stephan Fehlmann, Country Manager DACH, explained that while many innovations come from start-ups, these innovations alone are not a guarantee for success. Sharing some lessons learned by Spitch, Stephan noted: “We were aware about the great innovation potential and added value of the conversational AI technology as it had already been proven in other markets, but we needed a lot of patience until Swiss companies also started to strategically place their bets in this area”. Spitch used this lag time wisely, developing its own fully functional omnichannel platform. The current high demand led to a proliferation of start-ups in this field, however, most of them bet on a mixed product based on technologies from different vendors. Spitch, therefore, enjoys the strategic advantage of a one-stop shop, having developed everything in-house, and being able to cover both voice and text channels with one omnichannel platform flexibly adapting its modular components to our customers’ needs.  

Since its inception in 2014, Spitch has evolved into an established international company with remarkable growth rates. Contact us to learn more about conversational AI solutions and how they can bring benefits to your business. 

Spitch congratulates all nominees and winners with their interesting projects and initiatives.