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Innovative Omnichannel Virtual Assistant for DSK Bank Delivers Measurable Improvements

14 March 2023

Innovative Omnichannel Virtual Assistant for DSK Bank Delivers Measurable Improvements

spitch-news-dskbank.jpgDSK Bank considers constant innovation as the key to high-quality services meeting customer expectations. The DSK Bank team clearly realized that banking services were undergoing a significant transformation caused by the ongoing digitalization in the financial sector. The growing role of AI and computational power is bound to impact an ever-growing number business processes in finance.

To address these realities proactively, DSK Bank opted for cooperation with Spitch – a one-stop conversational AI platform vendor and strategic advisor with significant practical experience in the financial services industry. The results speak for themselves: customer awareness about relevant products and services offered by DSK Bank increased by up to 20%.

Reliable NLU and TTS engines delivered high accuracy recognition and synthesis in Bulgarian allowing the Virtual Assistant to provide answers to general non-personalized queries using a Knowledge Base that is constantly being updated and improved. Chat Platform technology allows the bot to process queries automatically or connect customers with the right contact center agents immediately when the need arises. This provides clients with more comprehensive answers easily, quickly, and securely improving customer experience. Importantly, DSK Bank’s employees are now more satisfied and motivated too thanks to the relief provided by the bot.

The solution helps achieve better contact center performance against KPIs freeing up human resources with interactions being processed significantly faster. According to the Bank, “the partnership between DSK Bank and Spitch is unique due to the fact that the Swiss company's model identifies potential opportunities for the development of certain products and together with specialists from the bank creates a strategy for realizing this potential. This means that in the near future, DSK Bank can offer products and services to the market that will be specialized for a specific type and profile of clients, and will bring significant competitive advantages”.

More information about this and many other projects is available via this link.