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Revolutionizing Customer Service: Spitch shines on the global stage at Zurich Conference

5 September 2023

Revolutionizing Customer Service: Spitch shines on the global stage at Zurich Conference


The conference held on August 18 in Zurich was attended by representatives of the key banks and telecom companies from Uzbekistan and Turkey, as well as the Swiss Migros Bank and the Association of Swiss Banks. The conference was organized by the leading Swiss and global conversational AI solutions provider – Spitch, and its partner in Uzbekistan ­– U-BSS, the system integrator specializing in solutions for the digital transformation of customer service.

Pioneering practical experience in implementing conversational AI was shared by Mark Schiller, representing Migros Bank. Back in 2020, this leading Swiss bank was one of the first to adopt a voice biometrics solution in partnership with Spitch. Today, the bank continues to harness the power of voice biometrics, expanding its functionality and capabilities even further and combining it with a suite of other conversational AI solutions including virtual assistants. According to Mr. Schiller, in 50-60% of calls to the banks’ contact center customer identification is required to continue service. The fact that not a single case of fraud has been recorded since the bank started using the voice biometrics solution evidences the highest level of security achieved.

Yuliya Vdovina, representative of U-BSS, emphasized the crucial change in customer service and sales paradigms. Digitalization, carefully tailored to user preferences and communication needs, is currently reshaping conventional service models into dynamic digital/physical hybrids. This transformative approach enhances the synergy of various service channels, fostering the development of predictive models and seamless robotization, while preserving service quality.

The ripple effect of this event extended beyond its boundaries, resulting in a flurry of deals and significant partnerships. Most notably, Spitch signed a memorandum of cooperation with Uzinfocom, the primary integrator responsible for designing and maintaining government information systems in Uzbekistan.

Alexey Popov, Spitch's visionary CEO, emphasized the importance of advanced conversational AI technologies: “those who have already integrated or are in the process of adopting these innovations”, he said, “are poised to gain a competitive advantage characterized by increased efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction. With Spitch's unwavering commitment to Swiss quality and technological innovation, companies have the right tools to not only foster customer loyalty, but also redefine industry standards and take the lead in their respective markets.

For a deeper dive into the event's insights and materials, we invite you to access them here.

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