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SES Chooses Spitch’s Virtual Assistant to Optimize Customer Service

9 November 2023

SES Chooses Spitch’s Virtual Assistant to Optimize Customer Service

spitch news SES (2).jpgThe Società Elettrica Sopracenerina SA (SES) electricity company of Locarno will be the first electricity distributor in Switzerland to use conversational artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service management. A virtual assistant solution developed by Spitch (a global provider of AI-based conversational solutions based in Switzerland) will enable SES to easily handle customer phone calls 24/7. The virtual assistant can answer frequently asked questions in Italian quickly and accurately. By using this solution, SES will be able to further increase customer satisfaction. On the other hand, employees will be able to shift the repetitive workload of handling routine questions to AI, focusing on more complex tasks.

Following several successful implementations in other international utility markets, Spitch is convinced that Swiss electricity suppliers will benefit from its cloud-based solution to automate customer interactions. Spitch's solution was developed specifically to enable rapid deployment from the cloud in all nationally spoken languages, with the ability to be fully deployed on-premise. Spitch’s multi-channel conversational AI platform includes all the necessary tools and components that can make a difference and have proven their worth in the Utilities industry.

"Simply expanding call centers to meet the challenge of increasing customer expectations seems to be far less cost-effective than using modern conversational AI solutions, which are easily scalable and can handle any workload. Being able to offer high quality customer service 24/7, gives us the opportunity to meet demand, allocate resources efficiently and increase customer satisfaction at the same time," notes Ivano Zehnder, SES Customer Service Manager.

"We are always happy to offer our solutions to customers in a new industry, especially when they help cope with an avalanche of calls and provide people with a fast and efficient service," says Massimiliano Decarli, account Manager Utilities at Spitch. "We are delighted to see our customers discover new and exciting opportunities that conversational AI can offer to improve the customer and employee experience every day."

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