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Spitch’s Advisory Board meeting: generating business value by LLM-based conversational AI

15 November 2023

Spitch’s Advisory Board meeting: generating business value by LLM-based conversational AI

spitch news Advisory Board Nov 23.jpgThe leading Swiss and global conversational AI solutions provider, Spitch, held a meeting of its Advisory Board on 7 November 2023 to help the company capitalize on a number of exciting opportunities. Among them: maximizing the use of Spitch expert knowledge on deploying LLM-based conversational AI platform solutions and educating decision makers in various industries on actual and potential value-added.

The cutting-edge application of LLM in contact center quality management changes the rules of the game. Deep analysis of customer conversations could only be performed by human experts before, e.g. assessing the level of engagement, empathy and leadership skills of a contact center agent. LLM-based Speech Analytics allows these tasks to be handled automatically.

It has now become possible to completely revamp the contact center supervisor’s interface getting rid of multiple filters, virtual buttons, etc. Instead, the supervisors can use natural language queries to get evidence-based insights on improving the level of agents’ engagement and leadership skills, ensuring high quality, etc. For example, the supervisors can just ask: “tell me what type of training should be offered to the agent to improve key skills”, and get a well-informed answer immediately. Or one could ask for “10 best conversations with the most effective sales conversions and a summary of what was the essence of the best practice”. This new capability makes it possible to introduce a range of disruptive innovations in the contact center quality management space and beyond.

A demonstration of LLM-based Speech Analytics for Quality Management (QM) was performed to the Advisory Board, and plans on further implementations were discussed. Advisory Board members noted that Spitch could be particularly effective on adapting LLMs to specific business needs, contexts, and workflows. Driving business executives straight through the implementation of these innovations and offering both strategic and tactical consulting support is key for success.

Contact us to learn more about the Advisory Board meeting decisions, Spitch’s new product updates and solutions, as well as exciting plans for the future.